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email from to: fieldkhunjack12010-09-12 07:28:29
by chris_walker
Spellcheck anyonechris_walker02010-09-11 15:49:11
by chris_walker
Allow to fill "To" fieldstant82010-09-11 15:44:05
by chris_walker
iPhone/iPad Version for use with Apple Mailcassioac12010-08-28 16:19:53
by WizKid
Sort Template Namesstampday12010-08-11 12:13:40
by spade
"default" signatureMeltdown12010-05-11 10:41:37
by Meltdown
Vary Signature Depending On To?MartinM42010-04-02 17:01:10
by MartinM
Keyword activationhenryg02010-03-10 11:46:51
by henryg
enforcing ISO 8601:2004 for short date format - Ququicktextuser02010-03-07 10:28:53
by quicktextuser
Dynamic updating for the variablesRwills12010-02-07 23:03:57
by WizKid
More DATE typesPlunderBunny62010-02-05 15:11:17
by jarmitag
Account bound quicktextDrnDrn22010-01-20 00:28:00
by Samuel Plentz
Be able to use Quicktext in the Subject Linebkushner42010-01-07 04:06:59
by LorinRicker
Variable for future (past) DATEjihemm12010-01-06 16:18:26
by WizKid
Add a "last-separator" for [[TO=type|sepSamuel Plentz12009-12-24 14:11:39
by Samuel Plentz
More shortcut options (esp. space bar)ThomasLandauer02009-12-16 16:52:00
by ThomasLandauer
QT for Firefox Please!SlamMan02009-12-14 20:42:31
by SlamMan
Use firstname when nickname was not setSamuel Plentz02009-12-13 15:02:07
by Samuel Plentz
Cursor placement when used for signaturessteveorg32009-11-27 03:40:01
by thecapper
[[CC=firstname]]seaniekaye02009-11-24 20:30:22
by seaniekaye
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