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Signature Featuresputput72009-10-05 10:09:19
by MartinM
Thunderbird 3.0b1pre/Shredder Supportkermalou82009-09-20 00:35:00
by WizKid
Greeting depending on local time and automatic sigjmatos22009-09-15 22:00:25
by MartinM
Parse email body to retrieve To field text from foDave Soul42009-08-31 01:22:47
by madmuffin
Create a forum area for users to share cool templatununiq22009-07-27 16:22:17
by Magicbeans999
Groups Within GroupsRyanM12009-07-14 05:02:10
by mmikrut
Groups Within GroupsRyanM62009-07-14 05:00:37
by mmikrut
Be able to use Quicktext in the Subject Linebkushner02009-03-23 15:26:07
by bkushner
Easy way to duplicate?Magus7502009-03-16 16:14:55
by Magus75
Re-use a tag-text (as if it was a string-variable)LorinRicker12009-03-03 21:51:40
by WizKid
Quicktext for Firefox?Theo112009-02-27 22:36:38
by LorinRicker
Make a separator in Quicktext menuabc32009-02-23 19:11:44
by xaver
choose groups to display in Quicktext menu barfloeff02009-01-07 00:21:40
by floeff
MAC - TABssteve 12008-12-24 00:05:31
by WizKid
FULLNAME variable for cci mailing matjö12008-10-02 22:25:11
by WizKid
recognize kewordslucky_strike12008-09-14 08:54:29
by lucky_strike
Apply Regular Expression to Fieldmfedder12008-04-17 21:20:53
by WizKid
new tag with automatic capital letter for firstnamnars32008-04-14 04:19:46
by nars
Why does my name laugh?Hammurabi122008-03-08 11:56:56
by Hammurabi
All template to change character encodingjimjxr02007-11-16 08:45:22
by jimjxr
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