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More choices for shortcut settings?Lada02017-04-25 16:44:24
by Lada
Quicktext together with CardBook addonRicard02017-04-25 08:01:29
by Ricard
quicktext is not working properly with windows 8.1sacconi02017-02-27 15:46:13
by sacconi
Pointing cursor to beginning of emailvdongen02017-02-12 05:43:28
by vdongen
Day (Monday...) missing in the date formatvdongen02017-02-12 05:41:31
by vdongen
Problem with graphic in htmlTJFOE112017-01-20 18:25:43
by Eskerinola
Quicktext for send to?sek_is_back02016-10-27 10:18:50
by sek_is_back
Delete all groups and templatesbuysend12016-09-23 15:41:03
by thirdmax
Delete all groups and templatesbuysend02016-08-22 04:15:27
by buysend
Incorrectly decoding utf-8 as iso-8859-1 or windowfaginbagin12016-08-16 08:44:07
by faginbagin
Quicktext on Thunderbird 45rkent522016-08-16 00:33:58
by mcoates
Quicktext Pro on TB45 - Good News from rkent!RDL198462016-07-09 11:59:53
by sage_proto
Templates disappeardude102016-05-27 02:49:56
by RDL1984
Formatting disappearsanansias22016-05-27 02:48:23
by RDL1984
Formatting disappearsanansias22016-05-27 02:47:39
by RDL1984
Did Emil die?jbeeksma242016-05-12 11:27:01
by Sheepsnatcher
Where is the "local storage" of templatecobinet12016-05-03 19:01:43
by somjue
Quicktext on Thunderbird 38rkent282016-04-29 21:29:07
by johnwrites
Why not delegate this plugin or open source it. nspirov02016-04-27 17:31:06
by nspirov
Lost datawalkerpbus22016-04-26 21:12:22
by walkerpbus
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