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quicktext on thunderbird 45.0, all templates nonexabittner192018-04-11 11:14:42
by garycurtin
Disappearing Templatesmepolite152018-03-22 06:00:36
by Dan_L
Thunderbird 52 automatically blocks my QuickText tPaulTaylor62017-11-01 00:46:35
by GrantHorizons
Unable to sort templates within a group or from grptaker12017-09-05 10:47:14
by Recruiter
Thunderbird freezing for 2-3 seconds sporadically vaccoda02017-07-04 13:01:53
by vaccoda
In Thunderbird 3 [[Cursor]] does not work (0.9.10)Samuel Plentz272017-06-08 20:38:39
by ragnarok
Website needs SSL hawkins02017-05-18 18:12:04
by hawkins
Wrong shortcut key shownhawkins02017-05-18 18:10:52
by hawkins
Won't Saveep201702017-04-06 16:35:50
by ep2017
Does not remembermarek02016-09-16 15:55:16
by marek
Superfluous Tab character inserted since TB 24.0pschoenb272016-06-08 00:12:21
by bohemier
Quicktext doesn't work after updating to thunderbiChristoph92016-06-03 04:38:33
by RDL1984
Quick text no longer free?webghost32016-06-03 04:36:55
by RDL1984
Addon not working good in TB 45.1.0yardstudio32016-06-03 04:35:19
by RDL1984
not working well on thunderbird v45clonick12016-05-27 02:44:28
by RDL1984
Thunderbird v45 on Mac - not workingJPH10802016-05-01 06:46:35
by JPH108
Disappeared againwalkerpbus12016-04-28 23:59:05
by RDL1984
Template missing workaroundjc.furest92016-04-26 21:56:51
by david3524
QuickText and Postbox 3.0.8: Most variablSethur32016-04-15 10:40:27
by peekaa
Release Source Code to Communitym31uk382016-04-14 10:45:20
by pjzzz
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