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[[CURSOR]] stopped workingcarlos32008-06-19 19:05:44
by carlos
period in email stops all replacements in textdocweathers12008-05-11 13:53:43
by WizKid
Influence of first e-mail letter on [[TO=firstnamshembel122008-05-11 03:02:53
by docweathers
Error on creating new messagerichol32008-03-30 12:03:51
by WizKid
Html Template converted to Textagrz12008-01-18 16:32:12
by WizKid
Quicktext install rejected by Eudora 8.0.0b2 (T-bimicrowave12008-01-16 03:24:01
by WizKid
Entering signature overwrites the subject field inBrooke Thorpe12007-11-22 18:28:50
by WizKid
Adding variable does not enable the save buttongkokmdam12007-11-14 17:01:14
by WizKid
\"Variables\" drop-down list disabled whOlivier Billard02007-10-16 14:34:50
by Olivier Billard
[[CURSOR]] in HTMLandii8512007-10-15 11:40:06
by WizKid
macos: input don\'t work ?jul4312007-09-02 23:33:16
by WizKid
Cannot use <, >ohsm62007-07-30 11:52:06
by qtuser
composing email subject: digits swallowedkaries22007-06-26 16:36:41
by karies
Quick-Text with \"TAB\" changes the subjfizzlifax42007-06-25 11:13:38
by jarre
This forum loses submissions if topic line is forgSlowPicture12007-05-23 23:39:20
by WizKid
Importing HTML in Central European languages - unsbkf122007-05-03 18:33:00
by WizKid
Size of the windowmarek.roesel12007-04-25 15:56:22
by WizKid
Can\'t install Quicktext - says \"not compatikaryn12007-04-16 22:16:55
by WizKid
Thunderbird could not install the file quicktext 0Alistair George42007-02-26 16:10:09
by WizKid
variables - \"from\" taken from address mmikrut22007-02-24 05:38:08
by mmikrut
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