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Bug: After Update TB34 - Templet missing outPrashant112015-08-14 06:01:57
by Prashant3975
[[CURSOR]] Is stll just copied in as text but not RDL198402015-07-17 01:11:05
by RDL1984
Refuse Crash -- Modified Version based on 10:45:58
by Prashant3975
Thunderbird 38.0a1 Templet MissingPrashant397502015-02-09 08:25:15
by Prashant3975
Thunderbird 38.0a1 Templet MissingPrashant397502015-02-09 08:24:56
by Prashant3975
Thunderbird 38.0a1 Templet MissingPrashant397502015-02-09 08:24:44
by Prashant3975
Bug: After update on TB 31 Attachments does not exRecruiter02014-07-23 12:43:57
by Recruiter
Bug: Unescaped ]]> makes XML unreadablesuba02014-05-21 15:19:27
by suba
Spaces removedSportmann12013-12-15 16:55:08
by staehleit
External Image are converted to embedded imagesDennis02013-07-16 16:13:09
by Dennis
Crash in Thunderbird 17.0yakovyna192013-06-17 19:39:16
by taconsta
activativate key is forgotten from one session to wpoet02013-02-23 20:34:16
by wpoet
Error Message Quickfolders.updateUserStyles in TB xida02013-01-10 09:58:14
by xida
QuickTextPro ( templates are lost on TB17rosco12012-12-05 00:53:03
by rosco
Doesn't work if To: field is filledborish12012-11-25 11:42:04
by borish crashes 18.x Thunderbird in nightly buildkiravi172012-11-22 20:33:05
by GrantHorizons
TB17.0b1 crashes because of Quichtextforumuser52012-11-22 09:34:28
by Jpsy
Crash in TB 17.0nsonnett02012-11-21 16:49:53
by nsonnett
nickname not working for contacts from Mac OSX adrphilippp02012-11-14 10:15:15
by philippp
Modified version of quicktextlzlhero32012-11-02 11:54:13
by brunorsay
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