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Incompatible with TB 5.0mbnoimi02011-07-06 04:10:03
by mbnoimi
Quicktext don't work in Thunderbird 5.0b1Newcomer0102011-06-05 10:18:41
by Newcomer01
Does Quicktext support name variables in mailing lbegeqt12010-12-30 16:22:40
by begeqt
Quicktext crashes thunderbird after latest updatejeff32010-11-12 16:33:18
by jeff
quicktext inserts text when I type "watch&quokaisa22010-11-01 13:08:07
by kaisa
Shortcuts do not work in Thunderbird 3stephane82010-10-30 15:25:48
by stephane
Tag ORGATT doesn't work with Thunderbird/3.1.2spectrum02010-09-27 22:49:06
by spectrum
QuickText doesn't work with Thunderbird/3.1.2dtry22010-09-08 11:05:11
by spectrum
Homepage download button links to old versionjanderk12010-07-10 23:26:27
by WizKid
Quicktext does not work in Thunderbird 3.1janderk32010-07-10 23:26:13
by WizKid
QuickText doesn't work with TB 3 on my machubert12010-04-09 08:42:22
by hubert
QuickText doesn't work with TB 3 on my machubert02010-04-08 15:42:40
by hubert
Unexpected error-message in Quicktext-scripting unJorgenLindner02010-02-21 09:25:51
by JorgenLindner
Unexpected error-message in Quicktext-scripting unJorgenLindner02010-02-21 09:24:22
by JorgenLindner
don´t save the changes of General Optjsteffen27002010-02-20 15:16:57
by jsteffen270
Alt numpad Hugov62010-01-28 22:33:12
by WizKid
attachments not attachingokusi22010-01-13 01:30:09
by okusi
Quicktext 0.9.9 does not update to 0.9.10cive22010-01-09 21:35:19
by meik99
TB3: [[TO=...]] doesnt work with mailing listsSamuel Plentz42009-12-25 12:18:31
by Samuel Plentz
deadlocks on OS Xfloeff62009-12-05 22:29:56
by floeff
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