jaggs2007-04-26 00:00:54
Hi, I've followed the instructions of this very fine add-on (on TB 2.0) but when I run the signature, instead of just the firstname, John, I get the full name John Smith printed out on the page. I copied and pasted exactly the code. It looks as though it's picking up the displayname rather than firstname. Weird. Help?
WizKid2007-04-26 00:12:50
My guess is that you have several address cards in your adress books for the same email address. So please make sure that it is not the case.
jaggs2007-05-21 15:02:48
Thanks, it seems to be cleared up now.
BroBillnTexas2007-05-26 19:35:40
When I run the script, the email shows the first name of the Display Name, not the First Name in the Contact's profile. I wa under the assumption that the First Name was the first name of the person one enters as a contact. Apparently, it is the first name of the Display Name.
For an example in a new Contact:
FIRST NAME: Bob and Susan
LAST NAME: Hesslow
DISPLAY NAME: Bob and Susan Hesslow

Quicktext will display "Bob" not "Bob and Susan"

Is there another work around rahter by doing this:
DISPLAY NAME: Bob_and_Susan Hesslow
Now Quicktext will display "Bob_and_Suasan"
I would prefer the underscores to be removed.

WizKid2007-05-26 20:18:13
Which script do you run? And are you sure that the email address don't exists in any other address book?
BroBillnTexas2007-05-27 00:06:53
Maybe I should not have used the term 'script'. As you can see the contact's names were made up by me and there is no email account so to speak, I simply was showing the data that was entered into the contact's fields upon making a new contact or editing an old contact.

In other words let say I am going to add you and your wife into my Thunderbird's contacts but I want the Display Name to reflect WIZKID and WIZKIDWIFE HESSLOW

I would make a new contact, then enter the data into the new contact field as follows:
FIRST NAME: Wizkid and WizkidWife
LAST NAME: Hesslow
The "DISPLAY NAME:" will reflect Wizkid and WizkidWife Hesslow

At this point email address is not the issue, just the DISPLAY NAME:
When creating a new email:
Quicktext will display "Wizkid" not "Wizkid and WizkidWife"

In order for Quicktext to display after "Hi" is to change the Display Name: to Wizkid_and_WizkidWife.
This is done by inserting an underscore before and after the word and.

Does this help?

WizKid2007-05-27 12:57:06
I tested it and I have no problem.

What Quicktext does is if you sending an email to "WIZKID and WIZKIDWIFE HESSLOW <>" it tries to look up in the address book. If it don't find it in the address book it tries to parse "WIZKID and WIZKIDWIFE HESSLOW" to get the name from there and then it probably would get something like you get. So my guess is that Quicktext don't find the email address in the address book.

The reason I think is that you use uppercase letters in the email address.
fieldsofgold2007-08-08 04:07:05
I have a problem here. I'd set up a template to add the first name of the contact in an email and everything was working well and then for some reason the first name was replaced by the display name. I know these addresses are not in the address book so can't understand why this should have suddenly started happening.
Any advice?
druber2007-08-13 18:48:18
First, thanks for a wonderful addon. I use it all the time for signatures, but I am having exactly the same problem as BroBillnTexas is having, and have not been able to find a solution, nor work around for the problem. Just to do a little test, I put NormanandVirginia with no spaces in the first name field, and "Norman and Virginia Lastname" (without quotes) in the display name field. When "Hi [[TO=firstname]]," is executed in the template, "Hi Norman," is displayed, so it must be getting the "Norman" from the display name field, but does not include the "and Virginia Lastname". If the whole display name would be recognized, it could be used as a suitable work around, but only the letters up to the first space are recognized. Further, if I remove the display field altogether, only "Hi," is displayed when the template is executed, so it is getting nothing from the first name field.

I confirmed the address is not anywhere else by removing the address I was working with and checking to see if TB could find the address someplace else.

Am I missing something? Hope this isn't TOO confusing,
druber2007-08-13 19:20:31
I just made a very important discovery regarding the problems BroBillnTexas and I are having. The address you want to send an email to must be in the Personal Address Book or the Contacts address book, or a in a list under one or the other of these main address books. It cannot be in a user created address book. I made a list in the Contact address book for the addresses I want to use this particular template with, and voila, everything works great!!{:>) Thanks again, WizKid, for a great timesaver! Were you aware of this discovery, or is this news to you too?
WizKid2007-08-14 19:32:17
It should go through all address books. You are sure that the email address didn't exists in several address books. Because if it finds it in one it will not continue to look.
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