conrad2007-05-06 11:03:00

Thanks for making this extension, however, I have a problem where after period of inactivity and the browser resets and opens new window, the url is set to the last url visited, rather than the homepage for the browser. Is this how it should be? It seems a little counter intuitive. Is this a known problem or is there a combination on firefox version and add-on version where this is not the case.

Any help greatly appreciated,


I am on version 0.2.2, firefox, winxp sp2.
conrad2007-05-06 13:10:36

well works fine with firefox (remembered I had portable version on my u3 stick) and auto reset browser version 0.2.1, so maybe its just a bug with my previous combination.

Happy its all working now, thanks again,

WizKid2007-05-06 20:52:59
The problem is in Firefox 2.0. You need to disable session restore:
conrad2007-05-07 11:26:06
Thanks Wizkid,

session restore disabled..Perfect now with 0.2.2 and firefox


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