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Ctrl Tab Preview > General > Scripting in Pro Version
soosurfer2007-06-23 14:57:25

I have used the free version and love it. I am not familiar with scripting in the pro version but have some questions before I proceed to purchase it. I have created a reservation system/property management system and am wanting to generate confirmation pages based on each individual reservation. Will the script function enable me to extract custom information from each individual reservation (such as date of arrival, type of package...). The site was created with visual studio in format, but is all web-based. I would have liked to do it all open sourced, but there is no personnel locally that can assist me.

I really appreciate what you have done thus far.

Dean Anderson
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
soosurfer2007-06-23 17:49:36
I just realized that I submitted in the wrong post. I am sorry!
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