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RyanM2007-06-27 17:54:04
It would be much easier to sort quicktext templates if you could create multiple-level grouping. A quick illustration of this request would be to have a main group called 'Support' and within that group you could have two groups called 'Network' and 'Computer' and then have different templates within them.
WizKid2007-06-28 12:49:18
I haven't found any good way to do that programmatically yet. But I agree that it would be a good feature. 03:35:39
Hi Emil,

How far away is this feature?

We would like to use QuickText to answer our FAQs and we have hundreds of templates to enter and having only one layer of groups would not be ideal for our situation.

We would gladly purchase the QT Pro version for at least 25 users if this feature was meet.


WizKid2007-07-16 11:56:56
Not far at all I'm afraid. I have it on my todo list but I haven't start coding anything.
linda2008-10-08 21:49:15
Am I correct that creating groups within groups is still not possible (in the free version)? Or am I missing something here?
It would be great if this could be added.
WizKid2008-10-09 23:17:56
You can create groups. But not groups inside groups.
mmikrut2009-07-14 05:00:37
Hello, we are using the QT Pro and the feature of menu trees (groups within groups) is becoming a must. We would be happy to contribute to development cost, if we could get it itroduced quickly.
Is that possible?
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