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Dave Soul2007-07-03 03:23:36
I frequently reply to forwarded emails and have to manually copy the text in the forwarded From text into my To field. The email body looks like this:

My reply here

> Subject:
> Their title
> From:
> Date:
> Thu, 28 Jun 2007 13:47:23 -0500 (CDT)
> To:

With Pro, I can manually select/copy the From text "" and have QuickText source the clipboard to populate the To field.

However, I'd like to write custom Javascript to parse the email body, find the line with "> From:", parse the next line ">" and extract the email address into a custom field. Alternatively, I could just do a line retrieval. This will also free up the text select/copy for another use I'd like to put it to.

I don't see any variables listed which contain the email body, would it be possible to achieve this goal?

Fantastic addon by the way, I'm gathering info to justify going Pro for multiple users and this will clinch our purchase.
WizKid2007-07-16 12:15:12
Unfortunatly getting the body of an email is a pain in the ass. I have tried a number of different ways and I haven't found any good way yet. But as soon as I find a way that works I will add it.
AndreasH2007-08-17 20:49:45
I would like to have a "gate" to perl, whick probably would solve the problem.
You needed only to generate an easy interface and a script name/call switch over mechanism.

- All your interface data in a file
- Mail raw data on stdin
- Generated Text on stdout

Hope it helps & regards
WizKid2007-08-18 00:47:25
The problem is that there is no good way for me to execute a program and get what it returns. At least not in Tb 2.0. I don't know if there is any changes in Tb 3.0.

I also think that it is a very specific feature that very few people would use.
madmuffin2009-08-31 01:22:47

Is there any news on this feature in Pro?
I need to reply to order mails frequently and I would like to extract the ordered Item and the amount and include them into my answer. Right now I have to copy these things manually.

Another idea: Add a specific reply button upon ruleset. if the mail is from default a different reply-button that says "reply with order confirmation" that would automatically generate the email and extract the neccessary fields from the original mail rather than from the reply's body.
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