Bradly2006-09-26 22:29:33
If I get the Pro version, will I be able to add attachments to my template. For example:

Select template. Template will attach the three pdf's I have associated with that template?

I can't figure this out from the documentation on the site.

Thanks - B
WizKid2006-09-26 22:56:52
Yes that is possible. Under the field where you fill in the template there is an attachment-field. So just add the paths to the files there. If you have more then one file just use ; as seperator. Or just use the Browse-button to choose files. Then when you insert the template the files you have choosen will be attached to the mail.
khonraad2006-10-11 17:44:01
Retrieving attachments from web-server

It seemes the configuration file (which I named quicktext.xml) for the Pro-version is indeed retrievable from a web-server. The attachments-path's though are not resolved. Is this a bug, a mis-configuration or perhaps a syntactical issue? N.B. I point the attachments to "" which resolves perfectly well from within a browser.

Thanks for any advice.
MagicFab2007-04-18 18:35:21
I have tried the ATT and FILE tags without success to attach PDF files to a template.

When I use ATT, the only time something is inserted is when I have manually put an attachment, then the *filename* of the attachment is inserted.

When I use FILE, the attachment is inserted as plain text.

Is there any way to have any file automatically atatched to a message when using a give template ?
WizKid2007-04-18 20:23:14
The FILE tag inserts the content of a file in the mail. And the ATT tag inserts the names of the attached files.

What you want is to add a file as attachment. That is only available in the Pro version.
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