HTXman2007-09-10 12:26:43
Hi Hesslow,

I am looking for an extension similar to your "Auto Reset Browser", except I want the browser only to go back to the homepage and not restart.

Would it be possible for you to add this feature in your next release?

Or I can make the feature addition/change myself, if I got the source for your extension. Would that be possible?

WizKid2007-09-10 16:48:45
You could probably change that on your own. The xpi-file is a simple zip-file so just unzip it and you will see the sourcecode.
claudiodiffusion2008-01-29 13:56:22
Hi HTXman,

Have you solved your problem? I tried to make the same thing you need (only go to homepage) in sourcecode with no results.....

Please just let me know if you have a solution.

Thank Claudio
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