moishe2007-09-12 13:41:23
I often need to reply to mails sent to a group address (such as hostmaster@mydomain, postmaster@mydomain, admin@mydomain etc. by adjusting the reply with the addition of 1) a standard text block 2) a CC: and 3) a Reply-To: header pointing to that group address.

Can these three things be done in Quicktext and possibly even be incorporated into just one template selection?

Beyond that, could the text block and group address selection be automated to depend on the To: header of the original email?

WizKid2007-09-16 12:38:31
Changing the CC and Reply-To fields are possible in the Pro-version but you have to manually change the xml-file because there are no GUI for it yet.

Automated insertion of templates is not possible yet. But are on the todo list for the next version.
moishe2007-10-09 16:29:13
Could you please give me a pointer on which xml-file to manhandle?

WizKid2007-10-10 20:45:55
Send me an email to and I will help you. It much easier to take over mail because then I can send you file example.
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