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kengreer2006-09-28 18:04:28
I always use HTML in quicktext but viewing/editing the bare HTML is painful. I'd like to see (1) HTML preview and (2) a WYSIWYG HTML editor
WizKid2006-09-28 18:08:18
That is on my todo list and I have made some tries but it isn't as easy as I hope it would be.
Joke2006-10-05 08:50:24
I'm using NVU for HTML. What about a built in link from Quicktext settings to NVU? This could be a convenient workaround.
breathwork2007-01-08 14:50:52
Why not include an html editor like FCKeditor or the like in quicktext. There is an API for FCK and I am sure there are others out there like zinha and wysiwygpro...
WizKid2007-01-08 19:40:39
Because it would be much better to use something in Mozilla for it. I think Composer will make it possible for me to easier add it.
merlin2017-03-28 11:25:36
Hi, any sign of this?

I'd like:

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With the links in each thing


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lemoncurry2018-09-27 18:46:41
Yes, it desperately needs a WYSIWYG HTML editor
And a spell checker, in Pro at least
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