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nars2008-04-13 03:56:00

Your addon is very good, I would like to make a suggestion for a future version, I usually use a template with something like "Hello [[TO=firstname]], ..." however some people set name on mail clients with non capital letter, would it be possible for you to add a new tag that automatically change it to capital letter? my suggestion would be something like [[TO=Firstname]] or [[TO=firstName]] for example... if possible or something similar...

Thanks, and keep up the good work ;)

nars2008-04-13 22:31:59
just to add, there are also people that set mail client with name in full capital letters, I would really like that new tag would fix that too, in sum that would allways output name as "Xxxxxxx", first letter capital and all the others non-capital.

Thanks again.
WizKid2008-04-13 23:37:55
It would be possible to use the script-support in the Pro-version to fix it.

But if I add it there would be problem with lastname because there is people that have lastname like "von Anka".
nars2008-04-14 04:19:46
Thank you for your reply, well you could just add it for firstname :) I only use "Hello Firstname,\n\n[[CURSOR]]\n\n\nBest Regards..." and I guess many people use it in similar way, it would be super :)
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