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Ctrl Tab Preview > General > Firefox 3
soosurfer2008-04-26 22:01:45
Hi Wizkid,

Just wondering if you are going to make this extension available for version 3 of firefox?

d-shizzle2008-09-12 06:49:52
I second that! I would love to have this FFIII.
WizKid2008-09-14 23:13:55
Use instead. That extension will be a part of Firefox 3.1.
msgs2008-11-04 00:11:03
You can have it in FF 3.x.x!!!

I have Ctrl Tab Preview working in FF 3.03 just fine. I would like to see it updated for current FF versions so users don't have to manually edit the XPI file to modify the max version value to 3.x.x. For Windows users 7-Zip can open XPI files and from within the file you can edit the install.rdf file easily with your default editor e.g. notepad (it works). I'd also love to see icons for the status bar and toolbar so I can use a mouse to activate. I think it's better than similar add-ons because the selected preview tab is larger and easier to see. With other add-ons all the tabs are the same size regardless. Please update and let folks enjoy your excellent work in current versions of FF. Thank you.
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