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putput2008-06-02 21:35:04
I use this add-on exclusively for adding signatures to Thunderbird. I wish it had the ability to set fonts and colors.
WizKid2008-06-03 13:58:21
You can. Use normal HTML-tags and remember to change Insert As to HTML.
steve 2008-11-14 05:02:38
Right on !!
I would like the ability to put in my own special font.

In addition, I wish it had better shortcut features for MAC!
Teltrab2009-09-02 14:16:08
I suspect that your solution here is what I am looking for regarding being able to control fonts and colors or the text that Quicktext inserts. I tried what I understood to be your suggestion, but could not get it to work. Specifically, I composed text in WordPerfect with bold or colored text of a different font, created a file that was saved as HYML, then tried to either cut and paste (no success) or "import" template into Quicktext. As background I do have the "Insert as" switch set to "HTML" and I am not using PRO. Do I just need to switch to PRO?
MartinM2009-09-16 04:03:04
I did as directed -- put some simple HTML-tags around some text and set the "Insert As" option to HTML -- but what I get are literal HTML-tags visible in the message when the template is inserted. What am I missing?
Teltrab2009-09-19 19:35:35
MartinM, Teltrab here. I figured out what you need to do to cotrol font, color, add bullets, etc. Please see my post on this forum:
Teltrab2009-09-30 06:23:18
MartinM, I am sorry that I likely mis-diagnosed your problem. If after setting "Insert as" to "HTML" the Quicktext added text looks like literal HTML, please check your "Account settings" -- "Composition and Addressing" and under "Composition" make sure that you have checked off "Compose messages in HTML format".

Sorry again. I am not a pro, just a hack user.
MartinM2009-10-05 10:09:19
Teltrab: Yes, thanks, the problem was due to my Account settings. I generally do not send HTML messages so I have the default set to plain text which I just manually override (with the shift-key) when starting a message.

The code in the Add-on should look at what mode the email composition editor is in when the template is used, and not at what it says in the Account settings (since this can be different).

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