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kermalou2008-11-07 21:04:20
I just upgraded to the newest beta Thunderbird and noticed that Quicktext isn't compatible with it. It is compatible with 3.0a1, can it be updated to work with the newest one?
WizKid2008-11-12 00:25:18
It was compatible with 3.0a1 before they start changing stuff. And I don't think they are done changing things yet. So I will not put time on supporting a version that changes all the time. But there will be support for Thunderbird 3.0
kermalou2009-02-19 22:53:42
Is there any update to this?

I am wanting to buy the Pro but if it's not compatible with 3.0 it's no use to me.

Thanks for a great extension!
WizKid2009-02-22 15:15:54
3.0b2 is still not released. Before that things could still change so if I make it work with 3.0b1 it may break again. But when 3.0b2 is released I will fix so it works with Thunderbird 3.0
kermalou2009-03-02 22:15:45
WizKid2009-03-15 18:13:41
I have now released a beta-version that contains Thunderbird 3.0 support. In the upper right corner of there is a link to
kermalou2009-04-07 22:51:22
using it now!

bertagert2009-09-15 23:13:07
I dare you to build the pro version for Thunderbird 3 beta 3 :) I need my attachments back!!!

Does anyone know if Thunderbird 3 is almost ready for the final release? This extension is something I just can't live without.
WizKid2009-09-20 00:35:00
bertagert: The Beta version should work. If not please tell me so I can fix it.
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