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jmatos2009-02-13 13:38:34

Great product.

I would like to suggest some features:

1. Please consider creating a tag for a greeting but that depends on local time. For example, if the current time is 10:00 (10am) then it would say 'Good Morning', if it was 12:00 (12pm) it would say 'Good afternoon' and so on. The greetings should be editable strings.

2. Please consider addding the option of a default signature by e-mail account. For example, I have several accounts in TB and would like QT to automatically add my business signature when sending e-mails from my business account and my personal signature when sending from my personal account.

Best regards,

WizKid2009-02-14 19:11:34
1. Is possible to do in the Pro version using scripts
2. I have some plans for that.
MartinM2009-09-15 22:00:25
I second the request for somehow varying the signature depending on the email account -- or in addition or instead be able to vary it by the contents of the "To" field.
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