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LorinRicker2009-02-27 22:37:59
Often, it'd be nice to be able to *re-use* an input string in more than one place in the template text -- for example:

Hi, [[INPUT=firstname]] -- blah-blah-blah...
I look forward to talking with you soon, [[firstname]]. blah...

Obviously, the second and later uses of "firstname" should *not* prompt (again) for the string-value... just re-use (re-expand) that string value and substitute it in-place for those subsequent re-uses.

In other words, in [[INPUT=name|type|default]], treat "name" as a string variable which can be multiply used/substituted whenever it reappears as [[name]] within the template.

Quicktext is great!... Just needs more refinements in terms of string substitutions generally. Many thanks for this great tool!

-- Lorin
WizKid2009-03-03 21:51:40
Just use [[INPUT=firstname]] in both places and it will just ask once.
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