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dave2009-03-04 16:13:49
How do I insert images?
dmitryl2012-02-26 14:38:08
I also want to know how...
gspatel2012-08-02 14:18:19
The only way is to insert as HTML a link to an image that resides online on some web server. I'm using an email for signatures this way. Also, by default, TB sends inline images as attachments as well. That can be very irritating for signatures; the link to the online image works well.

Thus, your signature could include, for instance:

<img src="" moz-do-not-send="true" border="0" width="45">

and it will pull the image myimagefile.jpg, with no border and a width of 45 pixels and also not send it as an attachment.
gspatel2012-08-02 14:18:52
Sorry: "the only way" should read "the only way I know". There may be some other way. I just don't know it.
Anton Magus2014-06-23 14:45:02
You can also insert images from a folder on your own PC. Use
<img alt="" src="file:///C:/FolderName/Images/logo.jpg" to insert the logo.jpg file from your PC into the email. You must select Insert as: HTML and NOT Insert as: Text
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