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Teltrab2009-08-31 01:26:32
I want to be able to control text (bold, itallic, indent, bullets, font selection, etc.) like Thunderbird can do when I am creating text blocks for Quicktext. Is that possible?
Teltrab2009-09-17 06:50:33
I solved my problem. Please see my post under on this forum at:
kborsum2011-04-07 07:29:01
Tried the link, but didn't seem to work.
Is there another way to get to the information?
Teltrab2013-02-26 05:04:26
I am sorry that you had problems. I swiped the above address and put it in my browser and I reached the other post.
geofft2014-02-25 12:14:32
Hi Teltrab, good tutorial - perfect for a simple orientation of the uninitiated. im sure others will appreciate your effort.
regarding colours, I recommend

a free colour picker which offers HTML- usable hexadecimal colour codes.
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