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cmeeker2009-10-22 21:56:44
I want to place my logo in my signature...How do I do this?? I put <img src="C:Documents and SettingsadminMy DocumentsMy Pictureslogo.gif"/> tag in signature - but I get a broken image icon where my image should be once I add it to my compose window...?!?!?! please help!!
WizKid2009-10-24 22:51:58
You need to put file:// infront of the path.
kborsum2011-04-07 07:39:49
Tried this....doesn't seem to work.
Anyone have newer information?
WizKid2011-06-14 13:59:55
It does work. So if it don't work for you you need to show what you are doing and what the error is.
Eskerinola2013-06-06 15:24:56
Try something like:
<IMG src="file://C:/MyDocs/Work/MailObjects/NameofthePic.jpg"alt="Put here the alternate name in case Picture does not show"/>
cycleman2015-01-31 00:04:16
I recently downloaded the QuickText extension for Thunderbird. I want to have a graphic image (my logo) displayed with the signature text but it does not appear. I followed the suggestion posted on 2013-6-6 by Eskerinola with no success. An empty box appears in the document.

Here is the code that I am using:
<IMG src="file://C:/users/name/my pictures/logo-3a2a.gif"/>

I have also tried using a JPG file with same result.
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