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Ctrl Tab Preview > General > A couple of issues...
sberriman2006-10-26 12:17:44
I've got 'Ctrl Tab Preview' installed on FF2 final (British version), but there are a couple of issues; firstly clicking a mouse button while the previews are open (i.e. continuing to hold down [CTRL]) cause the right-hand one to disappear! Secondly PDFs (and presumably other embedded plugin objects) can easily confuse it. There is no PDF preview for one (not necessarily a problem, but a placeholder image would be nice instead on a blank box), and also 'clicking off' the preview with a PDF selected (returning focus to the plugin) causes the preview to not go away - it remains overlayed, even if the PDF is closed or navigated away from by some other means. The only way to dismiss it is to click on a 'normal' tab, and then briefly hit crtl+tab.

Sorry for that little blast of doom-and-gloom: I do like the extension really! :) I like the fact that the tab previews are not in yet another tab.

Lastly a feature suggestion: 9 previews instead on just 3(i.e. a small row above and below). Three at a time is not quite enough for those of us with 10+ tabs open simultaneously...
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