designchris2011-06-07 09:15:01

Thunderbird 5 beta 1 is available (and the API should be frozen now). An updated version of Quicktext would let me switch to the new TB. :-) Any plans?

Newcomer012011-06-27 01:37:08

you can update quicktext beta
you can find it on the mainpage right corner - this version works in TB 3.1.11 and 5.0b2
MikeBrumberg2011-07-28 00:19:50
I downloaded Quicktext Next I downloaded TB 5.0 and restarted it. Then I "thought" I installed Qt and it asked me to restart TB again. It had trouble. Had to kill it with Task Manager and restart it. Now it says that QT is installed, but I don't see it anywhere in my TOOLS menu or when I compose. I rely on it heavily. Also, TB 5.0 "hung" when I clicked on OPTIONS for this extension. What can I do now? Drop back to TB 3?
MikeBrumberg2011-07-28 16:21:44
Problem solved after an hour of trying and complaining here. Finally tried the Remove button in the Add-Ons Manager, restarted TB 5, installed QT again (via the "gear wheel" in Add-Ons Manager), restarted TB 5 again and it started working. Just then I got an e-mail answer from Emil to uninstall and install it again, which is what I just did. Thanks for the quick reply in any case.
czamora2011-07-29 18:57:49
Worked for me!
I had upgraded to Thunderbird 5 without knowing I would lose the Quicktext add-on. I was really relieved to learn there was this new version that works there.

Thanks a lot!
Wipeout2011-08-07 10:58:33
MikeBrumberg - how did you install QT via the gear wheel? I just Removed the QT that wasn't working in my TB 5.0, and tried to re-install as you suggest. But there are no versions of QT showing as available at all in the Add-Ons Manager now?
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