teegeepen2012-02-02 15:34:27
is there support for this new version?? will quicktext work
cma62012-02-16 03:10:31
Tbird 10.0 says not compatible.
What about Tbird 10.01?
Wenner2012-02-16 16:37:42
Tbird 10.01 also says not compatible and offers to cancel the update
drbyte2012-02-16 21:08:33
I solved it this way.
1. Download the latest version quicktext_0.9.11.3.xpi
2. Rename the extension to .zip
3. Extract install.rdf
4. Change the line
5. Place the install.rdf back into the zip file
6. Install
7. Works here like a charm with TB 10.0.1

zoid2012-02-17 19:26:00
Add the Add on: Add-on Compatibility Reporter to Thunderbird and Quicktext will work but during the update it will say it's not compatible
drbyte2012-02-18 13:05:17
I forgot 1 step between 5 and 6,
Change the extension back to xpi
Abler2012-02-19 19:00:48
Hello drbyte,
many thanks, it works good!!!!!!!
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