logopogo2012-07-27 08:38:36
While I use Thunderbird extensively and I love it, I also use Gmail, and love it. It would be awesome to see QuickText availabel as a Gmail app/plugin. I guess this would be a completely different code base but the possibilities of integrating with Google would be interesting and powerful no doubt.
allisonmphd2012-10-04 01:32:33
I agree. I have developed a whole set of QuickText replies to people who want to rent any of my three vacation properties - each with its own email address. Thunderbird handles all of this beautifully, but when I travel it takes quite a while to transfer the program & data to my laptop. Now I just got a job that requires me to travel every week, and it's way too much work to transfer Thunderbird between my desktop and laptop. Automatic syncing via Dropbox did NOT function well! So, I must move to web-based email. GMail seems to be a good choice. But I hate to abandon all my great templates in QuickText. I don't see that "canned responses" has anything like the versatility of QuickText. In short, I'll be very interested to see if anyone responds!
Many thanks, Allison
humanfromearth2013-06-17 11:22:46
For anyone interested I made a Google Chrome extension that does all the features you described and more. Check it out:
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