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Jpsy2012-11-22 09:26:03
9.11.4beta solved the problem for me too. Hurrrray!!! I will donate asap.
Jpsy2012-11-22 09:37:05
For me Quicktext beta is working in TB17.0 on Win 7 64!
Chuck2012-11-22 10:08:56
Great work and thanks!!
Paddy Landau2012-11-22 11:19:28
I also confirm that beta works on TB 17.

Thank you.
lzlhero2012-11-22 11:31:47
I saw the author has fixed the crash issue. And, he has released the version. But, I have payed one day to fixe it based on version. So, I still want to release my modified version which has also fixed the crash issue with different way.

Download it below:
humbads2012-11-22 15:15:43

This is a fantastic extension, and I rely on it every day. The crash is fixed, but not the other long-standing bugs. Please consider open-sourcing this project and putting it on SourceForge or Google Code, so the community can continue its development and provide proper support. You can continue providing paid support, consulting, and programming for this extension when you have time. This would be better than ending up with many, unauthorized variants.

vexillia2012-11-22 16:46:03
How soon will we have to wait for the prod version? Any indications?
WizKid2012-11-22 19:28:34 is now released.
vexillia2012-11-22 20:02:28 still shows [[CURSOR]] selected and highlighted.
Leon2012-11-23 08:43:09
Thank you for the fast fix!!
kohlmannj2012-11-26 20:11:15
Thanks for fixing this! Just upgraded to Pro. I hope even a small gesture like that will help continue development in the future.
Chuck2012-11-27 23:45:42
Great, thanks!! :)
hbograd2012-12-05 03:03:55
Where is the beta posted?
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