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Sethur2013-06-27 13:54:01
Hi there,

I am currently trying to fix a "missing feature" in QuickText when used with Postbox 3.x: All [[FROM=type] variables do not work, apparently because getCardForEmail(...) does not work for Postbox 3. This bug is even admitted in a comment in wzQuicktextVar.js, line 728:

// Fallback to old way for Postbox. This does actually not work. databases will be empty but there is no errors

but as of now, there is no fix. Since I am not particularly good with Mozilla JS Scripting, I would like to ask if anybody knows how to fix this. It can't be to complicated, since other Postbox plugins like Zindus are already successfully accessing the address book without too much trouble. I looked into the source code of Zindus to see how it is done, but I was not able to get it running for QuickText.

Any help would be appreciated.


robl2013-10-09 09:03:39
Hi, I've been seeing the same thing with QuickText and Thunderbird (currently I'm running 24.0), but also noticed this in previous versions.
peekaa2016-04-15 10:40:22
in tb45 with wxp is extenstion broken - can not save the records, missing records after update from 38.5
peekaa2016-04-15 10:40:27
thank you-
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