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pschoenb2013-09-23 21:34:50
Since upgrading to TB 24.0, Quicktext adds a superfluous tab character after the inserted text whenever I type a shortcut and then hit <TAB>. This did not happen with earlier version of TB.
cpohle2013-09-27 09:08:38
I can confirm this bug. TB 24, OS X 10.8.5.
GT_Mtuser2013-10-04 16:42:49
The same here. Would appreciate a soon fix very much.
pschoenb2013-10-10 17:10:28
Me too.
bohemier2013-10-11 23:11:47
Same thing here. TB 24, OSX 10.8.5, Quicktext
pschoenb2013-10-18 16:32:49
Can we expect a fix soon? The bug is really annoying in day-to-day usage.
cloudatlas2013-10-22 08:49:34
This bug affects me to (TB 24.0.1, Windows XP). I've been using QuickText in every email I write for a very long time, so having become a habit I can't easily break, this extra TAB character is well beyond annoying for me.
luidoltp2013-10-23 11:00:45
Same bug here (Win 7, TB24.0.1). Please fix soon! Thanks!!
kleena2013-10-25 12:03:18
Can confirm this too.
I think the base problem is that QuickText doesn't "swallow" the shortcut key upon doing its action, so that TB "executes" it too.
Pressing a tab inserts a tab. When setting ther shortcut to Ctrl+Tab, QuickText evaluates it and does it part, but then also a tab gets switched (which is the normal behavior on Ctrl+Tab).
So QuickText should inhibit the normal functionality of the chosen key upon doing its replacement (again).

As a workaround, I have set the shortcu to Ctrl+Space now, which is relatively harmless when being "forgotten" in the queue.

Anyhoo - thanks for this great extension!
pschoenb2013-10-29 18:27:18
Is Emil Hesslow reading this thread?
pschoenb2013-10-29 18:28:39
Is Emil Hesslow reading this thread?
pschoenb2013-11-08 20:03:32
Is anything happening at all regarding this issue? I even emailed Emil Hesslow, but no reaction.
raduz2013-11-12 15:11:24
Sad to hear that, but thanks for the info. Does anybody know of any extension for Thunderbird like this one in case Emil Hesslow would no longer release updates?
pschoenb2013-11-17 16:41:08
As Emil still sells the Pro version, I would hope, this extension is still active.

Emil Hesslow, where are you?
musicant2013-11-18 18:40:07
Hi folks -- I've tried hacking the add on to fix this problem. It seems to have worked. No promises made about what else I broke; the good news is that a one line fix seems to have done it. Your mileage may vary, no warranties or promises.

Hopefully this points Emil to the fix he needs so he can put out a proper release!
Mk1_2013-11-18 19:01:28
Here is workaround.
Tested with TB 24.1.0 and Quicktext on Windows XP.

0. Close TB.
1. Find XPI file of installed Quicktext - in "%APPDATA%"ThunderbirdProfiles{profile name}extensions, file size is about 73644 bytes.
2. Open XPI file with any tool capable to open and re-pack XPI. I prefer Total Commander Ctrl+Pg Dn.
3. Open chromecontentquicktext.js with text editor.
4. Replace all e.preventBubble() with e.stopPropagation().
5. Replace aEditor.deleteSelection(0) with aEditor.deleteSelection(0, 0).
6. Close editor. Allow your XPI tool to update and re-pack XPI file.
7. Start TB. Enjoy the Quicktext!

I hope Emil will release next version of Quicktext with this patch.

musicant2013-11-19 00:06:43
Excellent, Mk1_; that's a more comprehensive patch than the one I did.
raduz2013-11-19 21:44:51
Thank you both guys! As a BFU, I rather chose installing the modified XPI :-) Can confirm working under TB 24.0.1, XP 32bit, CZ version. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
kleena2013-11-21 16:24:59
Long live Mk1_, muchos gracias, mockrát dÄ›kujeme!
Confirmed, patch works for me in TB 24.1.1 EN on Windows 7 Prof DE.
As for Total Commander, I prefer Ctrl+RightArrow to open the archive in the opposite pane, didn't know Ctrl+PgDn though - one more thanks :)
kleena2013-11-21 16:25:54
(crap, forum obviously don't support UTF8 input)
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