Recruiter2014-07-23 12:24:52
After the Update on TB 31 the templates with attachments are not inserted into the emails, the attachments are not inserted, only the reference heading is okay.
bdbtsz2014-07-25 18:16:29
I should have read this before letting thunderbird update to 31.
bdbtsz2014-07-28 17:19:00
I can confirm this problem. There is no longer the option to add attachments in the templates. Is there a fix in the works?
clemenz2014-07-30 18:22:59
I have the same Problem.

Messages with attachment does not appear. Here, only the subject line is displayed. All other messages will work without problems.

I ask for help.
valentina2014-08-08 22:25:30
same problem for me. pro
any ETA when this will be fixed?
vexillia2014-08-19 22:12:01
Same problem here with TB 31.
Templates with attachments don't work any more.
Removal of the attachment allows the template to work properly.
xida2014-09-01 07:29:16
same problem
okusi2014-09-03 16:54:20
please be aware, the author of this program is notorious for not fixing these problems in a timely manner. don't hold your breath, in other words. i think he only checks this site every few months.
Recruiter2014-09-05 19:33:52
Any idea to solve the problem, because the author of this program is notorious for not fixing these problems!?!
okusi2014-09-10 04:37:19
solution? open source it.
Recruiter2014-09-20 14:04:01
Recruiter2014-12-09 11:30:51
Any idea to solve the problem, because the author of this program is notorious (since 07/2014!!!!) for not fixing these problems!?!
Please contact me:
rdohlemann2015-07-24 10:55:38
As of today 24.07.2015 this problem is still not fixed. I just purchased a new license, hoping it will fix the problem. Unfortunately no. Mr. Hesslow, don't you feel bad about taking peoples money while let them standing in the rain??? very disappointing. We love your extension but if you do not wish to continue support, please don't give us an option top renew and pay!!!!
Ingo2015-08-18 11:27:20
I've the Problem too! I have given my Money again, but the attachments will not inserted. That isn't funny Mr. Hesslow or what ever you are.
clemenz2015-11-03 10:49:45

vexillia2015-11-04 10:06:40
Hi Clemenz - I'd be interested in the fix as I use the pro version but I can't leave a message on the forum. Can you help me get in touch?
Recruiter2015-11-06 11:02:01
As of today 06.11.2015 this problem is still not fixed! Who van help?
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