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abc2007-02-14 10:43:23
I use many items (signatures) and need some separators between work and private signatures and between 1st and 2nd firm signatures, etc. my idea is 1/ separator a/ fixed b/ flexibile (like in TB)
2/ colored menu buttons to be easier opticaly differentiate the menus

note: in earlier versions it was be possible with empty group (name was space)
WizKid2007-02-14 17:42:02
I'll add it to my todo list.
Joke2007-02-16 09:52:36
In the meantime you can handle it like I do:

Create a template with the title "------------". Content of the template: Nothing.

If you choose the title like "------TXT------" or "------HTML------" it's a headline, too.
xaver2009-02-23 19:11:44
I would appreciate an separator to separate different templates in one group.

Otherwise - big thanks for this great tool (and small thanks for the clever idea of fake separators).
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