Prashant2014-08-25 11:45:14
Dear Sir,

I am Regular User of Quick Text

I had Instlled Latest one addon

When I updated my TB to 34, Quick Text Panel come on New Message but Templets are Missing, Even i Uninstalled Quick Text & Reinstalled, Uninstalled TB & Deleted Profile, this Problem is not solved.

Requesting you to Kindly Send me how to get out of this Problem.


Prashant39752015-02-06 07:27:34

After Updating my thudrbird to 38.0a1, the xml file seems intact, but even if I load the XML file manually into Quicktext, the templates do not show up. This started to happen suddenly, I have been using Quicktext for years without any problem.

I'm on a Windows 7 Ulitmate 64 Bit and the Quicktext version I use is

Kindky give me suggestions to solve this, I was quite happy with Quicktext before..

Wiesss2015-06-27 16:20:13
I have the same problem, noticed after a while
I run now TB 38.0.1 with QuickText on Windows 7 64bit
Before I had no issued with this add-on. But now I cannot change anything in my templates, because after closing Thunderbird and opening it again, I get no templates at all [empty fields, as if the QuickText have been just installed]. Also a template created from scratch works only until closing the TB [after opening it again it's gone]. And the import function doesn't seem to work at all [nothing happens after selecting a XML file]
Prashant39752015-07-03 15:45:11
Same thing is Happening with me also.

How to Solve this Problem.
hendrik2015-07-06 17:01:49
Same problem here (TB 38.0.1). Manual and automatic (at startup) import function fails.
jc.furest2015-07-09 08:25:53
Same problem here (TB 38.0.1). Manual and automatic (at startup) import function fails.
simsus2015-07-09 20:06:04
Do you have a backup?
I had the same problem with TB 38.0.1
I checked the last backup which was made today in the morning. In this backup there were my templates. I extracted it to my computer and used the import funktion of quicktext. It works.
Just try it!
Wiesss2015-07-09 21:06:39
Of course I have a backup

And of course it works

But what can I do with this restored version if it disappears every time I try to change something in it? Am I suppose to use my quick texts with all the mistakes they have in them, like typos that I've made way back?
jc.furest2015-07-15 08:32:33
I have my templates who where erased randomly in THB 38.01. and could not import my newly saved settings.
Only my old xml file could be imported.
After some tries I found out, using notapad++, that my old XML file was encoded in UCS-2 Big Endian and the new on had no encoding header at all.
After converting the newer file to UCS-2 Big Endian and save it I could import the settings in Quicktext again.
But this will not correct the ramdomly loss of the template textes.
Wiesss2015-07-20 16:47:35
I've checked my backups since the beginning of my usage of this add-on. And it seems that from the beginning [2014 08] my data was being saved in UCS-2 Little Indian, but then it was not an issue. Because some time later [end of 2014 / beginning of 2015] I could still manipulate the data [add new templates, change the old ones]. But now, as I already have described it, I can't. And so I've changed the encoding of my templates.xml file to UCS-2 Big Indian and it works as it should. The question is, will the templates.xml hold on to the UCS-2 Big Indian not only now but also after an update of Thunderbird and Quicktext itself?
Prashant39752015-08-07 08:43:12
can't it have simple solution for this small problem.
Prashant39752015-08-14 06:01:57
Dear All

Please Please Please Find the Solution of the Same As I am Helping Mozilla for Development of Thunderbird Nightly Version ( Daily X 64 Version) by Installing in all 5 pc of my office.

From Months not started work in. Just Because of this templates not showing.
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