jbeeksma2015-02-28 14:02:07
I, and others like me have been posting and writing emails about QuickText, that stopped functioning after Tbird version 34 or so. As far as I can tell, no-one has received a reaction from Emil Hesslow, the issue is not resolved, and no solution has been offered.

What happened? Did Emil Die, or has he just abandoned the users?
jbeeksma2015-03-01 12:12:06
Ah, LinkedIn resolved this: He has gone for the big money and works for Facebook in Menlo Park now. No time for schmucks...
Thommy-L2015-03-07 14:11:49
This is such a shame. Quick Text was one of my absolute favorite add-ons :( Even after a couple of years without an update, I'm was still hoping for an unexpected change, because I know of no product with the same capabilities, while it was still working with newer FF versions.

So sad.
mincovlaw2015-03-10 10:41:54
This is the reason I still stick with TB30 (and have my employees use it as well). But something tells me that at some point, we would be forced to upgrade TB, which will be a logistical nightmare...
stankov2015-03-31 11:07:35
He should open source it if he cares a bit about his customers at least.
shumboom2016-03-15 00:46:02
Does Quicktext Pro work with the current Thunderbird (vers 38.6.0) - I really want the attachments option. thanks in advance.
cpaschen2016-03-23 16:21:19
Hmmm ... I just read this for the first time.

I'm using it with the latest version of TB without a problem. But I'm not using the pro version, just the basics.
cpaschen2016-03-23 16:22:52
Sorry, I should have clarified, I'm using TB 38.7.0.

Also, I haven't used the attachments option, so I can't specifically answer that.
Chuck2016-03-30 00:43:33
Just confirming that attachments do not work in TB 38.7.1. They have not worked for a long time.
Recruiter2016-04-13 17:04:22
Thunderbird 24.6.0 works with QuicktextPro, higher version deinst, version 24.6.0 inst, it works!
Isn´t there anybody, who can develop an Addon like Quicktext?
Emil is obviously no longer interested!!!!!!!!!!
pjzzz2016-04-14 10:47:04
Dear Mr Emil Hesslow,

Did you abandon QT pro? You took my money but it seems you've stopped support for QT pro. That's a serious big nono. You've got 3 options: Start working on fixing QT, make it open source ASAP or give me my money back!!!
GayzeN2016-04-17 14:49:35
Just confirming that some workarounds stated for the broken QuickText in Thunderbird v.38 did work. Now, Thunderbird 45 has broken QuickText badly again, and the workarounds no longer do the trick.

This is a very popular Add-on that a lot of people depend on. I, personally, would not be able to run my business without it.

If anyone has found a workaround for fixing QuickText with Thunderbird 45, please share.

If anyone is able to take over the development of this Add-on, it would be fabulous.

We need our QuickText back ASAP.
GT_Mtuser2016-04-23 12:44:57
Here's a patched version for TB45 without unwanted blanks problem!

Unzip download to a folder, uninstall Quicktext und then reinstall the patched version!

Your mileage may vary, no warranties or promises.
BayouBill2016-04-24 05:38:27
Bless you, GT_Mtuser. Your 2016-04-23 fix got Quicktext working again in Thunderbird 45 (Windows 7 64-bit). Thank you so much!
WebWeaver642016-04-24 19:28:01
Thank you GT_Mtuser!
Bradly2016-04-25 22:19:41
Thank you GT_Mtuser!!!!
lfcorullon2016-04-26 07:23:17
So many thanks, directly from Brazil, GT_Mtuser!!!
percomp-dm2016-04-26 10:39:41
Thanks, do you also have a patch for the Pro? Just bought my update this month :-(
GT_Mtuser2016-04-26 12:16:57
Sorry, no Pro patch in sight!
sandramr2016-04-28 11:22:41
A patch for Pro would be great. This addon helps me a lot saving my time in my everyday work and I use it for a long time. I really need it working properly, since I already have paid for it. :(
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