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m31uk32015-03-02 19:49:15
Seeing as no one is currently able to support this code any longer, I would call for the source code to be released to the community.

This would at least allow us to attempt to resolve the still outstanding bugs.

Who knows maybe we could even provide some new features...

Recruiter2015-03-06 13:49:37
That's a good idea. I would be very happy if this super extension is finally being maintained
Prashant39752015-03-07 14:08:10
I also Agree with M31UK3 & Recruiter
jc.furest2015-07-15 08:29:48
Same here!
Prashant39752015-08-07 08:34:07
When will the code Released
Prashant39752015-08-14 06:02:33
Dear All

Please Please Please Find the Solution of the Same As I am Helping Mozilla for Development of Thunderbird Nightly Version ( Daily X 64 Version) by Installing in all 5 pc of my office.

From Months not started work in. Just Because of this templates not showing.
xida2016-02-26 15:01:04
Well the xpi file is just a zip. You can rename it to zip, extract it and you have all the source files and are able to modify the code.
Recruiter2016-03-02 17:32:17
Hallo Leute, irgend jemand auf dieser Welt dürfte doch in der Lage sein, wenn Herr Hesslow nicht mehr mag, ein Addon wie Quicktext von vergleichbaren Nutzen zu entwickeln? Wer packt das endlich an?
pjzzz2016-04-14 10:45:20
Dear Mr Emil Hesslow,

Did you abandon QT pro? You took my money but it seems you've stopped support for QT pro. That's a serious big nono. You've got 3 options: Start working on fixing QT, make it open source ASAP or give me my money back!!!

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