rkent2015-04-08 16:57:07
Hi Quicktext users,

This is Kent James, Chair of the Thunderbird Council. I've started discussions with Emil about getting Quicktext updated for the upcoming Thunderbird 38 release. It's not clear yet what the path may be, but we are trying to work this issue. Quicktext is one of the most popular addons for Thunderbird (and one that I use myself) so I am hopeful that we can work out a solution.

I'll try to post an update here when I have more information.

Chair, Thunderbird Council
vexillia2015-04-09 10:16:13
Good luck & thanks for your efforts.
Prashant39752015-04-11 11:13:59
Dear Kent

Why Can't the Quicktext Become Default Part of Thunderbird.

Help lot for the user of Thunderbird with new addon feature.
mincovlaw2015-04-14 09:45:26

You will be everybody's hero if this can be fixed one way or the other.

I'm stuck with TB30, simply because I rely on QT+ in my business...
karlbu2015-04-15 16:30:21
QuickText appears not to be saving group and template settings when I restart Thunderbird 38. Also, won't import saved configuration.

Is there a temporary work around?

Prashant39752015-04-18 12:17:49
Dear rkent

I have 4 PC All Installed with with TB36.0a1, & Not able to use 40.0a1.

Also not making contribution in development of TB.

Simply because I mostly rely on Quicktext in my business...

Please Solve This Problem Quickly.
Prashant39752015-04-18 12:48:51
mad.engineer2015-06-16 01:02:03
rkent: Are you able to get any update from Emil about making Quicktext work with TB 38.0.1 and if so, could please share?. I'm a big user of this add-on and it's a bummer to see it go sideways. Thanks
xaver2015-06-16 11:35:12
Had to downgrade to TB 31 after QuickText did not work on TB 38 :(
DaveOzric2015-06-16 14:59:21
After upgrading to 38.0.1 my signatures keep disappearing. I cannot import the xml files but can copy them to the profile and they reappear. Every time I close TB they are gone again.

reiba2015-06-18 22:38:43
WORKAROUND in Thunderbird 38

Within TB 38.01 you must not change anything in Quicktext 9.11.5 and save it â »save« is the problem. After new start of TB 38.01 Quicktext does not work correctly.

Correction respectively workaround:
â Install Thunderbird 31.7 (at Start cancel Actualization of addons)
â Install Quicktext 9.11.5 again (THIS ONE: â not the one on the HP of Emil Hesslow, seems to be buggy)
â Then make Changes you want in Quicktext and save.
â Then install Thunderbird 38.01 again â and everything is okay. Quicktext works as it should!
(For me this workaround is okay, as I do not often make changes in Quicktext.)

goozak2015-06-25 20:50:22
User samw1234, over at Add-ons for Thunderbird (, found a somewhat simple workaround to keep using QuickText.

The problem is caused by a missing BOM in QuickText's templates.xml file after saving. You just need to 'restore' the correct encoding to keep working.

1. Make changes to your QuickText templates;
2. Close Thunderbird;
3. Find the templates.xml file (on Windows, it's located in C:Users<Username>AppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfile<Profile>quicktext)
4. Open templates.xml in Notepad++ and set the encoding to "UCS-2 Little Endian" (this step restores the required BOM characters);
5. Save the file and restart Thunderbird.
6. Redo after making any change to your QuickTexts.

I've tested this procedure with a very sad, QuickTextless colleague of mine and he is now back to his regular happy self! :-)
willsphil2015-06-26 09:53:20
Works like a charm, thanks a lot!

The only thing I had to understand is that "UCS-2 Little Endian" is labeled "UTF-16LE" in the last version of Notepad++ (v6.7.9.2).
winkydink2015-06-26 23:14:39
Here's a workaround that I've used for a couple of days, and it seems to work so far:
I located an older exported file of my QuickText Templates, and copied it to a new name:
QuickTextEmailTemplates 2015_0613 Last Working.xml
I set the file's attributes to read-only.
In QuickText, I changed the preferences:
General, Import on Startup:
[file path]QuickTextEmailTemplates 2015_0613 Last Working.xml

If it helps, the modification date of the file I'm using is 13 June 2015.
When I tried using an exported file with a modification date of 22 June 2015, it would not work.

Fortunately I hadn't made many changes/additions after June 13. I'm now stuck with making no changes until I feel comfortable installing and using Notepad++ to make the suggested encoding change.

Hope this helps.
sameraining2015-07-03 04:11:43
Sadly this doesn't seem to work on Thunderbird 38.0.1 for Mac OSX.

So frustrating I relied on about 50 of these templates every day!
Prashant39752015-07-03 15:42:06
Dear goozak

I had Tried But your Solution not worked in my Case.

Using Daily 42.0a1 64 bit on Windows 7 Ultimate.

How to Solve this Problem ?

Please Help me.

WebWeaver642015-07-05 20:00:55
Doing this "Open templates.xml in Notepad++ and set the encoding to "UCS-2 Little Endian" (this step restores the required BOM characters);" just worked for me and Thunderbird 38.0.1
mikeyww2015-07-07 03:25:05
You can use Character Set Converter <> with the batch file <>. Change the file's extension to .cmd. Edit the file according to its instructions.
MikeBrumberg2015-07-10 19:11:20
Having the same problem with Thunderbird 38.0.1. I tried "Open templates.xml in Notepad++ and set the encoding to "UCS-2 Little Endian" (this step restores the required BOM characters);" I then tried to IMPORT the saved file. That worked. I then set that file name in the Import at Startup. However, when I go to CLOSE QuickText it insists that I SAVE. Then, when I restart Thunderbird, they are gone again. Have to IMPORT EVERY TIME!!!! This is NO GOOD. PLEASE FIX ASAP.
DaveOzric2015-07-11 15:23:12
Does this guy support the pro version still? I will pay for it. His contact form is broken and the captcha doesn't work.

This is crazy, why can't we sort this out.

Going to try the work around. Mr. Hesslow, please take my money and fix this!! How much do you want?
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