RDL19842015-07-17 01:11:05
In Quicktext, Thunderbird 38.1.0, Win 7 x64

[[CURSOR]] is still not actioned but the directive simply appears, copied in plain text, where the cursor should have been.

Applying the fix provided by Martin123 on 2012-09-12 (see below) works but that fix appears to have been missed out of

Can it please be included, since many users will find it difficult to do it themselves and, anyway, if (?when?) Mozilla start excluding unsigned extensions from Thunderbird, no users will be able to apply such fixes for themselves.

Thank you.

Best regards


[quote='Martin123']Martin123 2012-09-12 10:22:34
..The other error that kiravi reports concerning the use of [[CURSOR]] seems to come from a change in the function Editor.deleteSelection(0). I don't now why or how this function changed, but if you use Editor.selection.deleteFromDocument() instead it works again:

chromecontentquicktext.js Line 442: aEditor.deleteSelection(0); --> aEditor.selection.deleteFromDocument();[/quote]

(Line number may have changed - I don't see it in my editor)
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