cma612015-10-07 22:50:50
I noticed that Qtext no longer works. I can import the prior template but on re-entering Tbird, the replies are no longer there. There is also no way to insert saved replies into emails.
travis_crsn2016-04-23 07:54:11
quick text no longer works after the recent update.
GT_Mtuser2016-04-23 12:40:21
Here's a patched version!

Unzip download to a folder, uninstall Quicktext und then reinstall the patched version!

Your mileage may vary, no warranties or promises.
haydn992016-04-24 13:09:27
Pleae explain how to reinstall.
haydn992016-04-24 15:20:54
OK Did it by dragging file into add ons tab. working now. Many thanks.
One more thing; Quicktext drop down menu used to appear beside the Paragraph box but it doesn't do that now. Any ideas?
holzman2016-04-25 09:51:26
i bought quicktext-09.11.6.xpi in January '16 i loved it.
since tb 45.0 it's not possible to import the existing templates.Skript import was possible.
The obove mentionet patch doesnt work to, because the script import dialog doesnt exist. (Filesize only 73 kb V09.11.7)
Pleas help I need it, thank you
GT_Mtuser2016-04-25 18:35:44
Dear Holzman,
sorry but it seems you use the Pro version. The patch is working only with the free non pro version. I consider it not bussiness like to sell a pro version without any support as we learn fro Emil last days.
holzman2016-04-26 08:26:01
Yes I am using the Pro Version and i am using the script fundtionality and I am using it for business. I have no problem with paying 9 Euros in a certain interval, but therefor the software should work when there is an tb update. I am very happy with quicktext it eases my daily working life, but actually my email writing process is more than annoying. I am hoping so for a new version of quicktext pro to work whith tb 45. please someone be gracious
lange_u2016-05-04 10:35:35
hi holzman,
you can patch pro version yourself.
We use pro version too and it works.
julie@hisplaceresort.net2016-05-17 19:28:10
the patch does not work correctly with the Pro version; the tags do not function correctly, and the xml file has to be manually loaded each time you start TB 45. Also, the individual templates keep duplicating themselves over and over. I'm limping along, but am hoping for an update for the Pro Version soon? Thanks!
sandramr2016-05-17 20:23:08
I am having the same problem with patched pro version and also the shortcuts are not working any more :(
mediafront2016-05-24 16:06:14
Same here - any news on this? Just forked out for a 10 user license
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