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abittner2016-04-15 13:43:21
quicktext upgrade from thunderbird 38.7.2 to thunderbird 45.0 is very weird and doesnt function.

nice quicktext templates working on 38.7.2
all on windows32 x86

upgrading thunderbird to 45.0

gives an empty quicktext no more templates there.

then i downgraded back to thunderbird 38.7.2 and the templates there are still all there

then i exported the stuff into your .xml file and went back to thunderbird 45.0 and imported there

and the weird stuff now is that the thunbderird 45.0 quicktext still shows an empty area but actually you can click on the empty "tree" area where your templates would be listed and they are there but all white and blank names but on the right side their content appears and their name

but this way it is unusable.

what now?
please fix urgently. thanks lots for your extentions.
GayzeN2016-04-17 14:55:09
Just confirming that some workarounds stated for the broken QuickText in Thunderbird v.38 did work. Now, Thunderbird 45 has broken QuickText badly again, and the workarounds no longer do the trick.

The situation of importing the xml file restoring the templates, but they are "invisible" in the listing, as stated above, only sticks until you close and reopen Thunderbird, then they are gone again.

This is a very popular Add-on that a lot of people depend on. I, personally, would not be able to run my business without it.

If anyone has found a workaround for fixing QuickText with Thunderbird 45, please share.

If anyone is able to take over the development of this Add-on, it would be fabulous. Perhaps Mozilla can just buy out the code and build QuickText right into the next release of Thunderbird. That way we won't have to go through this with every major update.

We need our QuickText back ASAP.
Ming2016-04-18 10:04:36
I was very happy with Quicktext and rely on it on a daily basis. I am facing the same problem here.

Does anyone knows on what term it will be fixed? If it is not working with the latest version, I need to look for an alternative... Don't want to, because it was a great add-on.
abittner2016-04-18 10:15:20
we have a ticket at mozilla bugtracker for these tb 45 issues and there was a source code patch posted there to the webtech source files inside the extention of quicktext although the question about legality remains

see the bugreporting ticket at



bugzilla mozilla org
ticket number 1209425
GT_Mtuser2016-04-22 14:49:55
I combined some patches from <> and <> to fix this for TB45 nd no unwanted blanks. Your mileage may vary, no warranties or promises.
buybeach2016-04-22 18:55:58
Swell. Had to roll back to previous installed version of Thunderbird. Real question is now: How might users of QuickText best be informed when and if this issue is resolved? No appetite for just testing each time a Thunderbird update is proffered.
vaccoda2016-04-25 14:26:55
Hi all,

The last fix worked from GT_Mtuser - thank you so much for this!

For anyone else having the problem, remember to take a backup of your templates first, then uninstall the add-on, then re-install using the patch from GT_Mtuser - click the cog on the Add-ons Manager page and select "Install Add-on from file" and then install the patch.

Import all templates and ta daaa! It works


david35242016-04-26 21:35:33
I'm having exactly the same problem at ver 45.0. I don't want a workaround; I'd rather know that the developer is reading this forum and is working on a fix. Thanks.
buybeach2016-04-27 18:38:18
And another development: Installing version 45 changes your update preferences to install without asking permission. So after rolling back, cleaning up the reduplicated templates etc., I wake up with version 45 again. Just a warning.

Any news on an update to QuickText (not a patch, but a compatible version that is)?
GT_Mtuser2016-04-27 19:40:47
Hi david3524,
if you really think the developer is going to read this and support quicktext further more you are living a day dream. Emil Hesslow provided a timesaving addon I can hardly live without but gave up support of reasons we can only speculate. Maybe he was tired to follow the TB version rally.
For the meantime I am very happy to have a workaround and I hope it will working as log as possible.
buybeach2016-04-27 20:09:50

I am not in the least looking to antagonize anyone here so please be patient with a hapless user. There must be something about this (very valuable) add on I don't understand if you think its preposterous for the developer to be reading this forum. I thought I found it from reference on the developer web site. I may be mistaken.

Anyway, I am having a bit of trouble fully understanding the "patch" procedure described in your earlier post and further in a post from user vaccoda.

If I understasnd it, aside from backing up the tmeplates etc., the procedure is to uninstall QuickText, then after running the version 45 upgrade, to install the patch? Is this to say that no further install of QuickText is needed, that the patch is, in fact, a full QuickText implementation?
buybeach2016-04-28 16:32:42
Oh! Not as hard as it sounded. Worked great! Back in business thanks to GT_Mtuser!
scritch2016-04-28 18:17:18
I'm finding that I can get QT to work with

Tools > QuickText > File > Save.

The template choices reappear. Don't just click the Save button. You must get Save from the File menu.
scritch2016-04-28 18:17:27
I'm finding that I can get QT to work with

Tools > QuickText > File > Save.

The template choices reappear. Don't just click the Save button. You must get Save from the File menu.
lech72016-04-28 20:52:32
Fortunately this add-on is being used by Thunderbird developers so it is relatively easy for them to fix because they know what has been changed in TB.

A big thank you to Kent James who has provided the fix and also the full fixed version at should you not want to apply the changes yourself.

It would be a good idea to bookmark because the next time there is a problem, this will likely be the source of the fix.

Thank you to Emil for this great contribution. I am angry that some people are mad at the developer (mainly on the bug report page) expecting that he should work tirelessly for free maintaining it while they are no doubt making money thanks to his contribution. Yes, it would be nice if he could, but I do not feel he has a responsibility to do so. Nor do I think he should be forced to give away his work. Although it would be nice if he let a trusted someone take over the running of the project in a way that is acceptable to him.
buybeach2016-05-03 19:55:43
I agree that no one should be obliged to maintain a give-away forever. However, when I looked at QuickText in the Thunderbird "Add On" feature, it appeared that the program had a current update. It might be helpful to people who rely on this thing to announce that it is an orphan if this is the true and correct status.
lech72016-06-04 02:15:50
Great News! It looks like the extension will be maintained by Mozilla. All patches thus far have already been incorporated into the official add-on on AMO ( and any further fixes should now also be applied automatically. There is also talk of merging the pro version into the basic version.

Thank you to Emil for making this possible by freeing the extension.
Chuck2016-06-22 01:48:27
Many of us have paid money every year for the Pro version, so a little frustration towards the developer may be understandable.

If he doesn't wish to continue, that's okay. Although he should tell us this before we pay our money.
Dan_L2018-03-22 06:02:47
was having the same problem, but the newest version of Quicktext (version dated May 24, 2016)available at seems to have it working again in Thunderbird 52.6.0 (32 bit).

A few cautions:
(1) BEFORE you install this latest version of QuickText, export your templates to a safe place because you MIGHT need them again.
(2) Install the newest QuickText into Thunderbird (do NOT uninstall your existing QuickText).
(3) This is where it got kinky for me. After restarting TBird, QuickText was nowhere to be seen and was not listed as installed in Add-Ons. So I installed the new QuickText again and restarted TBird.
(4) Amazingly, QuickText was now back and all my templates were there again. With any luck you can now add templates (I haven't tried that yet) and they will be remembered.

If your templates are gone, you might try importing that back up copy I suggested making at the beginning. Also, please note that your QuickText templates are stored in your TBird Profile in a folder called "QuickText". The folder was in my Dan_Mail folder.

Good luck.
garycurtin2018-04-11 11:14:42
The latest version,, is available to download from bugzilla.
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