walkerpbus2016-04-24 21:27:41
My quicktext data has curiously been wiped out. Other than recreating it; How can I get it back? This is a surprise. to lose it completely.
haydn992016-04-24 23:07:03
See this post: from GT_Mtuser 2016-04-23 12:40:21

Here's a patched version!

Unzip download to a folder, uninstall Quicktext und then reinstall the patched version!

Your mileage may vary, no warranties or promises.
walkerpbus2016-04-26 21:12:22
I've gotten as far as "Unzip download to a folder, uninstall Quicktext"
but I don't understand "und then reinstall the patched version!" I wasn't able to unzip. I've got Windows 10 created from Win 7 Professional. Furthermore, will I have to recreate all the data anyway? What does this buy me in the long run?

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