anansias2016-05-06 21:30:12
Hello, I am new to Postbox and QuickText. My colleague uses it and her pre-written answers keep the formatting, but mine are bundled up as just text. I have selected HTML but it doesn't seem to help.
What am I missing?
anansias2016-05-06 21:30:38
Ooops sorry posted twice by mistake!
RDL19842016-05-27 02:47:39
@AllUsers: Please note latest posts on this Mozilla bug report.

1209425 - Quicktext Addon - Technical Problem.

and posts following that one.

and see here that the currently new latest _free_ version on AMO (Mozilla Add-ons) works on TB45.

Quicktext :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

Thanks very much to rkent for the new version on AMO and for driving this and future progress.
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