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webghost2016-05-09 03:00:31
It seems that Thunderbird 45'broke'Quick Text and it seems a simple solution is for the paid version. That would seem the free version is no longer supported and to have a working 'Quick Text' means going pro. Not that I mind except only need a license for two machines, not 10 or more.
somjue2016-05-10 13:01:07
Hi. QuickText is broken on free and paid version and there's no developper support (we never heard from official developer). There's a source code patch in Bugzilla:
This works on the free version and the paid version. For the free version, ther're patched exentions downloadable, for example htttp://
The paid version must be patches manually, because deploying patched xpi files for the paid version isn't allowed.
So at the moment, the free and the paid version would work and updating the free version is much easier, because there are patches xpi files for download. Maybe QuickText would be broken again in a newer version and maybe, then without unofficial support.
RDL19842016-05-27 02:41:24
@AllUsers: Please note latest posts on this Mozilla bug report.

1209425 – Quicktext Addon - Technical Problem.

and see here that the currently new latest _free_ version on AMO (Mozilla Add-ons) works on TB45.

Quicktext :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

Thanks very much to rkent for the new version on AMO and for driving this and future progress.
RDL19842016-06-03 04:36:55
@All Quicktext Pro users: Good news!

Please see following Mozilla Bugzilla post by rkent.

1209425 - Quicktext Addon - Technical Problem - Comment 69 at:

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