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aleix2017-03-20 15:25:21

the colour pattern of the quicktext bar makes it almost impossible to read the templates listed there. Hence, I can only use the quick-text menu, which is fine, but would be nice to have another colour pattern to be able to use the bar.

In my case Ubuntu 16.04, Tbird 45.7, the bar is black and the template names are in dark grey, so they are very difficult to read.

If you could add an option to choose the colour of the text or simply set them to white, it would be great.

Many thanks for the extension, it is great!


RDL19842017-03-25 01:18:53

You can yourself make the change you want as follows:

While Firefox is closed:

If you do not have a userChrome.css file in 'chrome' folder in your Firefox profile, create it (you may have to create the 'chrome' folder first, if it does not exist).

Please note that it is very important that the file and folder names used are exactly as you see them. Lower case and upper case letters must be as shown here.

If you have to create the file, be sure it is plain text and make its first line

@namespace url("");

(including the semicolon at the end) as shown in the article linked to below.

For an explanation of this process, see the article linked to below.

UserChrome.css - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Then, at the end of the userChrome.css file put the following "CSS code":

#quicktext-toolbar {
background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important;
color: rgb(0, 0, 0) !important;

Save the file, and start Thunderbird.

You should see the background of the bar white, and text on it black.

You may choose to instead omit the line for background-color and instead say, e.g.

#quicktext-toolbar {
color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important;

which will make the text white without changing the background.

Those colours may be varied as you wish. rgb(R, G, B) where R, G, and B must each be a positive whole number between 1 and 255, specifies a colour by the amount respectively of red, green, and blue light in it. For instance rgb(0,0,255) specifies a fully saturated pure blue colour. You could experiment with different colour mixes for what you want.

Note the spelling of 'color' (use American, not English)
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