ptaker2017-05-24 17:41:47
I am using Quicktext under Thunderbird 52.1.1 running on Windows XP. I can't seem to move the templates up or down within that group. I have left and right clicked on the template, used a combination of shift, alt, ctrl and caps to no avail. How do you move the templates up or down. The only thing showing is to Remove it.
Thanks in advance
fanfan2017-05-30 11:50:00
I've got exactly the same issue...
ChristieHinrichs2017-06-01 16:33:07
Same problem... need a fix here!
murray6542017-06-14 16:51:09
Also here to report the same :(
vaccoda2017-08-07 16:58:40
Same - also having the same issue too :(
bobmac15472017-08-09 00:56:26
Same here! Also moving templates between groups.
morais10232017-08-22 06:17:51
same thing! I hope it is fixed soon!
Recruiter2017-09-05 10:46:01
Same problem ... need urgent a fix !!!
jk-johanna2017-12-10 23:11:07
Just edit the quicktext XML-file (after a backup) directly to rearrange templates when Thunderbird is closed. That worked fine for me.
fspade2017-12-16 14:19:42
Thanks Johanna,
not everybody likes to look under the hood, but if this is the only option, then let's do it ...
Kind regards
fspade2017-12-16 15:19:44
In order to edit the XML-file, you have to export it first.

Then load it into an ASCII-Editor and try to understand the syntax.

Befor you import the edited file (keep a backup of the original), you have to manually delete all groups, otherwise they will be doubled.

Good luck and take your time.
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