salaros2018-01-31 12:31:01
I had to update to Thunderbird 58 beta, I know it's instable etc, but I had to and I cannot go back because of other bleeding edge addons.
Unfortunately 58 beta version breaks the awesome QuickText addon. Could you have a look on this issue? As far as I know 57/58 version will go stable very soon, so it's worth investigating on the compatibility anyway.

Thanks again for your awesome addon.
salaros2018-01-31 12:34:42
I just bought a Pro license in order to support you. I hope other users will do the same in order to motivate you to port QuickText to Thunderbird 57/58
K6DGW2018-02-20 22:03:00
My Quicktext [free] was working fine and is as awesome a product as everyone says. Then somehow T-bird updated to 56.0b4 and Quicktext disappeared. I finally downloaded 52.6.0 from the link on the Hasslow site, and the current version of Quicktext. It shows up in the Tools menu, however groups and templates I try to add do not show up in the box on the left. Clicking SAVE doesn't seem to do anything, and when I exit, it tells me I haven't saved. The QT toolbar never appears in the compose window.

I'm trying to buy Quicktext Pro, however when it goes to PayPal, it just sits there trying to load some long PayPal URL.
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