wolfgangschwarz2018-03-04 20:37:26
the free version ist working fine. and I bought now the pro version. but it doesn't show the templates in settings. and it isn't possible to save.

any ideas?

best regards, wolfgang
drawbars2018-03-13 16:34:11

I use Quicktext all the time. QT Pro? Not unless I can figure out an easy way to pull the templates in from the free version. I tried exporting from the free one, and importing to the Pro -- doesn't seem to do anything. :-(
raykremer2018-05-04 16:31:44
The free version has required some code tweaks to keep up with changes to Thunderbird, and a couple of QuickText fans from the core ThunderBird team itself have taken it over from Emil Hesslow since he wasn't paying attention to it anymore.

I'm pretty sure that nobody has been doing the equivalent upkeep to the Pro version.
rc31ilias2018-10-31 11:16:49
Same problem with drawbars
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