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My name is Emil Hesslow and I created this site mainly for distributing my Firefox and Thunderbird extensions. Hopefully there will not just be my extensions here in the future but right now all extension is developed by me. Most extensions is just something I throw together in an hour or two but here is also extensions like Quicktext that I have spent many many hours on.
Pay me to create an extension for you
For you company out there I also develop extension against payment. So if you want an extension I can probably develop it for you. So far I have made extensions that communicates with other programs on the computer. I've also added custom functions to Thunderbird that a company was missing.
Extension developers
This site has taken a lot of time for me to create. But now that it is finished it would be stupid not to let other developers to sell there extension through this site. So if you have created an extension and are interesting in selling it but you don't want to handle transactions and stuff like that. Please contact me and we can see if I can help you.