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Getting Started
Here is a point list of how you get started with Quicktext. In this text I will probably write just Quicktext most of the times but everything is the same for Quicktext Pro.
Installation and creating a template
1. Download the extension. You find the download button on the right on each extension page (Quicktext here and Quicktext Pro here). Save the xpi-file where ever you want. If you get an Installation dialog in Firefox just Cancel and right-click and save the file instead. The filename should end with .xpi. If it of any reason ends with just remove the .zip.
2. Open Thunderbird and click Tools -> Extensions (Tools -> Addons if you use Thunderbird 2.0 or newer). Then just click Install and chose the xpi-file that you just downloaded. If you get a message saying that the file is corrupt try to redownload the extension to see if that fixes it.
3. Restart Thunderbird to finish the installation. If it is the first time you installed Quicktext you will see an alert that thanks you for installing Quicktext.
4. Now we want to setup Quicktext so it we can use it. To do that we need the Quicktext Settings window and we open that by choosing Tools in the menubar and then Quicktext. You can also reach it from the Compose window in the same way.
5.First we need to create a group. Just click Add Group and choose a name for example "Signatures".
6. Now we create the first template by clicking Add Template and choosing a name for example "Work". Just write your signature in text-field.
7. I also create a second template which I name "Hi" and I add the text:
Hi [[TO=firstname]],


I also add the keyword "hi" for it.
Using the template
Now everything is setup and now when ever I write an email I start my email by selecting the Hi-template from the toolbar or writing hi and pressing tab (if you want to use another button then tab you can choose that under the General tab in the Settings window). This means that my "Hi"-template is inserted. [[TO=firstname]] is replaced with the firstname of the person I mail to. [[TEXT=Signature|Work]] is replaced with the my signature and at last the cursor is placed where I put [[CURSOR]]. The reason I put my signature in one separate template and not in the "Hi"-template is that I also have a "Hej"-template (Hej is the Swedish word for hi). Which means that I only have one template to change if I want to change my signature. And when I insert the "Hi"-template it will look like this:
This is just how you get started. Quicktext can do a lot of more stuff. In the right column there is some more texts about different stuff.
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